We offer two kinds of localization services to your individual and corporate clients:


IT & Software

IT & Software is one of our strong advantages. Our projects include everything from technical product information and user manuals to creative marketing collateral, PPT presentations, market research surveys, and website content.

ALWADI experts are specialized in providing translation for the IT, computing & software, systems and user interfaces sectors across several languages.

Multimedia content such as audio, video, animation, Adobe® Flash® content, rich online presentations and all software contents  are today’s new trend to deliver the message to the target audience. Therefore multimedia materials need to be properly localized and culturally adapted before exposing it to the international audiences. We offer each of these services separately or as a package.

Website Localization
Your website is an identity card that enables you to introduce yourself to your prospective customers around the globe. So when it comes to making your website accessible in multiple languages, our expert translators make it appeal to your target market by translating and localizing your website into the needed languages, considering the cultural sensitivity of your visitors.