Quality Policy

As a professional translation company, our commitment to quality is evident in our strict selection of expert translators and our unique 4-step process.

We provide highly precise and authentic translation services to individuals and all types of companies within the country and around the world. Our translation maintains the original meaning. We are committed to quality, and time is of great essence to us. We provide the necessary translation services with the least possible cost.

We have established the strongest possible foundations in order to maintain the highest employment standards for translators:

  • We invest the expertise of translators who enjoy authentic skills in translation.
  • All translated texts are well-reviewed and audited in order to ensure their linguistic precision and content correctness.
  • We have teams of project and quality managers who supervise the translation project and assure that it meets your quality and time requirements.
  • We maintain a comprehensive terminology database for various fields.
  • We establish a database for technical and medical terminology of the translated texts in all languages to ensure the correct and harmonized usage of words at all times.
  • We maintain all translated documents in our database for one month and then we send a questionnaire to the client for feedback.