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In the age of information, marking your presence in the business world means being able to work beyond geographic, linguistic and cultural boundaries. Having a linguistic expert as a partner is an integral component in your success. AW Translation Services was established to help bridge this cross-border/industry communication gap for clients, while providing unique culturally sound content that resonates with their target audiences in each market.

Our team is well versed in multidisciplinary writing, boasting expertise across a wide range of technical industries. We are proud to a be an ISO 9001:2015 certified company – a status which truly reflects our commitment to best practice and being in compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements at all times. We consider ourselves content guardians that are responsible for delivering our clients’ messages to their target audiences without compromising their integrity or being misinterpreted by cultural and contextual implications.

Due to the dynamic nature of translation projects, costs can be unpredictable, but thanks to our flexible, tailor-made pricing plans, our clients enjoy rates that make perfect financial sense.

Our teams are trained to collaborate with experts from your industry. As such, we’re always prepared to provide you with accurate, industry-specific translations and interpretations. Unlike most other translation services, our team members focus on capturing the correct meanings behind your material – so you can rest assured that the integrity of your message is uncompromised in any language.

Using our dynamic teamwork protocols, we’re able to dedicate specialized, highly experienced teams that undertake every aspect of your project from translation to proofreading to delivery.

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With our highly trained and certified professional interpreters, you can rest assured that miscommunications are never an issue. AW Translation Services creatively has visual ideas combined with up-to-date technology combined with skilled and subject-matter native interpreters equals. This is how we provide our interpretation services. Each must hold it’s own; if it doesn’t, the thing collapses.

Sign Language

Sign language is not pantomime or a simple gestural code representing the surrounding spoken language. It is not an international language, but there are universal features in sign languages. This helps to make it possible for users of different sign languages to understand one another far more quickly than users of unrelated spoken languages can. This is has been called International Sign.

Desktop Publishing Services (DTP)

To meet our clients’ needs, AW has the technical expertise to understand your requirements and deliver the final translations and other files in a format that works for you. Our desktop publishing specialists with extensive experience work on both western and non-western font systems.

Subtitling & Documentary Films

We offer a subtitling service in all major languages, including any regional variations, in order to meet the needs of our clients in the UAE and across the globe. We provide subtitles for films, documentaries and promotional clips, as well as any other audio-visual material. All of our subtitles…

Technical Translation

Your material is a valuable commodity; and we treat it as such. All our staff members are trained and contractually obligated to uphold strict privacy polices when they undertake a project. This respect also extends to honoring your deadlines and embracing an open-minded approach in achieving your goals.

Website localization

Your website is an identity card that enables you to introduce yourself to your prospective customers around the globe. Website localization is the process of adapting an existing website to local language and culture in the target market. It is the process of adapting a website into a different linguistic and cultural context. Linguistic accuracy and technical precision are paramount.

Fashion, Travel &Tourism Sector

Our Services – Fashion, Travel &Tourism Sector Our Team members are the best choice for you, if you want the perfect and good style translation for the documentations of this sector. We translated different materials in marketing hotels, destinations and fashions.

Medical Translation

Our legal certified translators provide world-class, two-way translation services for medical industry which covers:

  • Medical reports
  • Medical computer program documents
  • Drug registration documents, product specifications and patient instruction booklets
  • Medical information for patients and physicians and more
  • Medical and surgery equipment catalogs
  • Clinical investigation documents
  • Scientific materials
  • Multimedia product information within the healthcare, medical education and referential material fields
Marketing Translation

We tell your story and translate your marketing materials by customizing them according to the culture and environment of your target customers.

Our marketing translators not only have excellent …

Legal Certified Translation

We provide a certified translation signed & sealed by a sworn and certified translator for your marriage/divorce/birth/death certificates, academic diplomas, powers of attorney, financial reports, medical reports, judicial decisions, and other general-purpose documents to be accepted as a certified translation of the source documents.

Food Menus

We are a Dubai-based company, where the destination for shopping and restaurants, so our team members have a real and theoretic experience of all food and dishes menus.


We have highly qualified team members who have a very comprehensive experience in translating all military documents for Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Air Force. Our team members are familiar with all military terminology and its own style.

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