Group Executive Chairman Message

Group Executive Chairman Message

Over 10 years ago, we set out to create an organization that not only provides a unique set of services that are needed in the market, but one that helps enhance the quality of peoples’ lives. We believe it takes a partner of exceptional professionalism, vision and dedication to deliver a truly outstanding product that benefits our clients, communities, industries and the UAE.

Challenging what is deemed possible is a crucial factor in professional success.
We set out to help create, nurture and drive the credit industry forward, and today we are proud of the regional and international recognition that we have gained in our field. We are proud of our success, but we are even more proud of our team which brings together exceptional experts to ensure we never compromise on excellence across every detail of our business.

And after working with some of the industry’s leading experts and empowering every business in the portfolio with top tier quality, cutting edge technology and a comprehensive spectrum of services, AW HOLDING stands strong and ready to fulfill its goals of becoming your partner in corporate success. We firmly believe that together, our companies can offer you the right support that is bound to help steer your business in the right direction, and propel it to a level of success that matches your greatest ambitions.

All the best

Ayman Al Wadi
Group Executive Chairman,

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