Why us?

Ministry of Justice Authorization
We are one of the few translation services that are certified by the Ministry of Justice. This means that we are fully equipped to translate any and all legal documents and materials at the highest standards.

Accurate Industry-specific Translations
Our teams are trained to collaborate with experts from your industry. As such, we’re always prepared to provide you with accurate, industry-specific translations and interpretations. Unlike most other translation services, our team members focus on capturing the correct meanings behind your material – so you can rest assured that the integrity of your message is uncompromised in any language.

Fully Fledged Teams
Using our dynamic teamwork protocols, we’re able to dedicate specialized, highly experienced teams that undertake every aspect of your project from translation to proofreading to delivery.

24/7 Translation Service
Our teams work around the clock and specialize in quick response times and overnight services. This means that no deadline is impossible and no job goes unattended – a great feature for industries that deal with last-minute projects and tight timelines.

Top-Notch Confidentiality Protocols
In some cases, confidentiality is a must, so we uphold the most comprehensive measures and non-disclosure agreements in all our projects – so you can be assured that your sensitive material is protected under the strictest confidentiality procedures.

Extreme Cost Competitiveness
Due to the dynamic nature of translation projects, costs can be unpredictable, but thanks to our flexible, tailor-made pricing plans, our clients enjoy rates that make perfect financial sense.

Free Direct 24-hour Quote
Attaining quick, accurate and comprehensive quotes is key in starting any translation project. As such, our free direct 24-hour quote function ensures that you receive a complete estimate within a day of your request.

Quality Assurance Policy
As a professional translation company, our commitment to quality is evident in our strict selection of expert translators and our unique 4-step process, translation, revision, proofreading and QA.
We provide highly precise and authentic translation services to individuals and all types of companies within the country and around the world. Our translation maintains the original meaning. We are committed to quality, and time is of great essence to us. We provide the necessary translation services with the least possible cost.
We have established the strongest possible foundations in order to maintain the highest employment standards for translators:
• Using only translators who enjoy authentic skills in translation
• Making sure that all translated texts are well-reviewed and audited in order to ensure their linguistic precision and content correctness.
• Having teams of project and quality managers who supervise the translation project and assure that it meets your quality and time requirements
• Maintaining a comprehensive terminology database for various fields
• Establishing a database for technical and medical terminology of the translated texts in all languages to ensure the correct and harmonized usage of words at all times
• Archiving all translated documents in our database for one month and then we send a questionnaire to the client for feedback.

Delivery & Rates
AW Translation Services takes an individual approach to every translation project. The rates are determined through the following factors:
• The source and target Languages
• Total word count
• Specialization; general or specialized material
• Deadline; standard or urgent
• Other special requirements
Note: Discounts are allowed on large volumes and returning customers

how can we help you?

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