Project Management

Translation Project management is a complicated process consists of identifying requirements, organizing a project plan, then securing and managing staff resources to successfully complete and deliver the project. The degree of difficulty and associated challenges with these tasks will vary from project to project. Translation project managers work behind the scenes to ensure that each and every aspect of a client’s project is completed efficiently according to the specific parameters of the project, and with high precision and accuracy. Here at AL WADI translation services, we apply the next project management steps:

Project Preparation: Full understanding of the project scope, based on input and requests from the client and refining project requirements to ensure accuracy.

Project Resources: Determining human resources will be used based on the specific skill set required for the project. Factors such as number of team members required, language, and specialization are considered.

Creating The Project’s Code: Using our own system (CRM) for coding and tracking jobs.

Project File Management: Reviewing and examining the source files to determine a variety of factors such as what formats text and graphics files are in as well as specialization.

Project Instructions: Defining and providing a project plan for their internal team, which consists of clear, written project instructions and milestones.

Project Resource Allocation: Once the project manager has determined and verified the project scope, timeline and budget, the next major task is identifying staff resources that are scaled to the size and delivery date of the project.

Project Issue Escalation: Team members will communicate issues or project anomalies to project managers as they occur. Project managers must also keep the client updated with any issues that require client input for resolution.

Client Communications: Project managers keep the client up-to-date on project progress through automated status updates, project reports, etc.

Project Delivery: Project manager has several steps to go through to ensure that deliverables are complete and compliant with original project specifications.

Final File Check: The project manager must prep files for delivery and set up delivery to the client through the preferred channel.

Client Review & Final Revision: Many translation projects require a client’s internal review. In such cases, requested changes, corrections and revisions come back from the client and require final edits to the deliverable files.

Translation Post-Project Evaluation: Larger projects require a post-project evaluation (PPE) through a meeting with the client after project completion.

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